It may be easy to look for reasons to motivate yourself when you are starting fresh. For Baby Boomers, they have the privilege of assessing individual motivators throughout the careers they have worked so hard to build. Their general motivation needs have only flipped, and they are now shifting focus towards finishing strong! The years of birth for Boomers roughly fall between 1946 to 1964 which would indicate potential retirement occurring for many of them in the near future. Happy retirement to Baby Boomers who are ending their careers, and to those who are still pushing for the strong finish, you are almost there so keep applying all of the skills you’ve garnered diligently!

The youngest employees actively entering the workforce are known as being born into Generation Z. Most would put this generational grouping within the years between 1996 and 2012. This generation of workers will have a lot to prove, since the previous generations have set the bar extremely high with their work ethic, accountability, and pursuit of innovation. Do you think Generation Z can live up to the challenge?

In my own work history, I had several experiences working with Gen Zers. The job assignments we had to complete were extremely physical in nature. It was apparent they were more than capable of completing physical tasks, and I appreciated not having to overexert myself to pickup any slack.

In a previous blog post, blue-collar workers were analyzed to find which tactics are needed to motivate this subset of employees. Their counterparts, known as white-collar workers, have now been examined to determine their own motivators!

The term “white-collar worker” refers to an individual who performs professional, managerial, or administrative work. The main distinction between the two groupings arises and can be observed by the varying degree of physical labour each group of employees completes while on the job. Although white-collar workers primarily perform in an office setting, their value and importance to the world of business cannot be understated!

The working individuals within Generation X are about to enter a critical period within each of their respective career paths. They will soon have the opportunity to secure various leadership positions as Generation X matures into the most senior generation within the workforce. The U.S. Census Bureau had previously set the lower limit of this generation to 1963, while the upper limit caps out at 1982. On average, most would view this generational segment’s core as those being born between 1968 and 1979.

With two larger generations preceding and succeeding it, in the baby boomers and millennials, Generation X appears to be more of a transitional generation bridging the gap between two different worlds.