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The primary deliverables you will receive through the completion of your Pre-Assessment of Culture (PAC) will include:

  • Increased engagement in employee’s work
  • 1 Culture Metric sampling — Alignment with Core Values
  • Macro and/or Micro solutions presented based on service-tier

You will receive a final report upon completion of the Pre-Assessment of your Culture. The report will provide you with the alignment with core values metric results. Team members within your desired assessment area will be surveyed to gauge their knowledge of your purpose, vision, mission, and core values. This sampling will provide insights regarding your organization’s overall alignment with your core values.

The primary deliverables you will receive through the completion of constructing or re-engineering your manifesto will include:

  • Increased alignment with core values by employees / individual
  • Concrete purpose, vision, mission, and core values

The foundation for which an Individual or Organization stands on. Why are you doing this? How are you achieving what you are setting out to accomplish? Purpose refers to the difference you are endeavoring to achieve.

Vision is an imaginative conception of what you create if you fulfill your purpose.

Mission is the core strategies to be undertaken to fulfill the Purpose. Ultimate goal of Individual or Organization derived from stated purpose and instilled values.

Core Values are contributing details of intended operations which one utilizes to maintain and reach day-to-day and annual objectives. Individual’s or Organization’s values may change over time, however 7 foundational core values shall be applied to all aspects of your operations. Schedule Discovery Call today!

The primary deliverables offered through the completion of the Culture Observation service package included:

  1. Reduction in retention and turnover costs
  2. Increased engagement in employee’s work
  3. Increased productivity in employee’s operations
  4. 10 weighted Culture Metrics
  5. 1 overall Culture Score

You will receive a final report upon completion of the Culture Observation. The report reads like a book reflecting the current cultural standing of your organization. This report connects your team members to the living culture within your organization. We highly encourage your leadership team to communicate the results, and make them available for all team members to read.

How your culture data is garnered and relevant information is recorded:

  1. Observation workbook utilized by Nurture Culture representative.
  2. Conversations and questions among leadership team.
  3. 3 tiers of interviews conducted — Executive/Director, Manager/Supervisor, Front-line employee — ideally 20% of total team members in interview tier.
  4. Physical observations recorded in relation to presentation of organization’s culture, atmospheric conditions of culture, and interactions between organization’s team members.

How you receive culture data and presented solutions for cultural re-engineering:

  1. Culture Observation Results given in the form of a report.
  2. Summary Results — Single Overall Culture Score, Top Strengths, Top Areas of Improvement, other Notable Findings
  3. Detailed Findings — 10 Individual Culture Metric Scores
  4. Improvement Plan — Strengths to Build Upon, Areas to Improve Upon, Nurture Culture recommendations given
  5. Solution Service Partners — Services tailored to your respective metric needs from our Solution Service Directory

The primary deliverables you will receive through the completion of constructing or re-engineering your manifesto will include:

  • Increased motivation derived from new motivators
  • Concrete understanding of how motivation and/or culture develops

Through attending a Motivation or Culture Workshop, you may expect to receive information pertaining to each respective topic.

These workshops may be conducted virtually, in-house, or at a desired neutral location. In a Motivation Workshop, experiences of organization’s team members are received first-hand, and recommendations for future motivators and goals are given to be built upon.

In a Culture Workshop, cultural experiences may be taken into account. These experiences are unique to each respective organization. References provided in how to create the ideal future culture, and incremental steps given to provide a feasible route to the cultural success.

Tailored consultative services for businesses with specialized needs regarding insights and directing. Culture Consulting available to businesses who need expedited recommendations for improvement that include macro and micro solutions. In-house solutions available via continued collaboration with Nurture Culture representatives, and on-site assistance available for an increased level of guidance.