Culture Audit

Features and Deliverables

Building the premier platform to assess organizational culture and provide real-time temperament reporting, requires strategic planning.
Here's a look at our genesis.


Customize the Ride

Developing a truly empathetic cultural foundation is the single most important investment to inspire confidence at every level of your organization. Understanding the temperament of your culture by uncovering what’s below the surface, will inform and guide leadership toward a truly authentic and collaborative culture.


Engage all Passengers

Generally everyone wants to be fully expressed by investing the very best of their capabilities at work. Our approach sets the standard for accurate and empathetic data collection that informs your understanding of the cultural dynamic.


Experiences Personalized

Employing tiered interviews, we obtain feedback where verbal and nonverbal cues from employees build the narrative of your Culture Book.


Inflight Experience

Your Cultural Intelligence will become as critical to your success as your financial forecasts. The predictive analytics of your culture will generate ‘new value’ by decreasing turnover, stress-related sick leave, and bias arbitrations, while improving productivity and collaboration.


Stunning Results

We provide academically backed culture metrics that guide awareness and engagement, while you gain access to program strategies!


Responsive Metrics

Our weighted Human Capital Reporting Metrics and proprietary algorithm provide the overall Culture Score. Atmospheric conditions for each team environment – leadership, managers, work-groups, and front-line personnel – will provide engagement reporting.